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Tour Ciamis

Ciamis, is a district in West Java Province, Indonesia. Capital is Ciamis City. Districts are located in the southeastern part of West Java, with Regency Majalengka and Kuningan District in the north, Kabupaten Cilacap (Central Java) and Kota Banjar in the east, the south Indian Ocean, and the City and Tasikmalaya Tasikmalaya District in the west.

Welcome in Situ LengkongSitu Lengkong Panjalu is a mix between objects and object tools tour tourism culture. In this tourism object we can see the beautiful lake (there) is packed with a cool island located in the middle which is called Nusa Disallow. In this island there is a tomb Hariang Kencana, the son of Hariang Borosngora, Situ LengkongRaja Panjalu Situ Lengkong that he became the king of the kingdom Panjalu.

Service to honor the ancestors Panjalu, so far Panjalu ordinary citizens carry the seed of such a traditional ceremony called Nyangku. This event is held on each month Maulud way to clean Alitbenda-Earth objects, inheritance stored in a special place (such as museums), which is called Earth Alit.

Tourism activities that can be performed here include: homeland beset boating, fishing, camping, and so forth.

Tourism object is located in the Village / District Panjalu with a distance of approximately 41 km from the town of Ciamis arat to the north.

The gates of art Culture Cagar Karangkamulyan is the heritage center of the Kingdom of the Pusaka Galuh be by Sanghyang Parmanadikusumah.

On this site we can see places of heritage from former legends Ciung Wanara, a son of Sanghyang Permanadikusumah.

Defection-defection are:

1. Pangcalikan stone is used and the throne of King deliberation.
2. Continuation Chicken, the chicken fight Ciung Wanara with Bondan Sarati.
3. Sanghyang BedilBatu Panyandaan
4. Symbol liturgy
5. Source Water Citeguh and Cirahayu
6. Makam Adipati Panaekan
7. Pamangkonan
8. Stone Panyandaan
9. Patimuan
10. Leuwi Sipatahunan the baby Ciung Wanara discarded in the River Citanduy.

Located in the Village Karangkamulyan District Cijeungjing, approximately 16 km from the town of Ciamis to the East, with the facility. Ground parking, food kiosk, Kiosk, Rest Area.

Log in to the door Cagar Culture in Astana GedeTerletak Village / District Kawali, approximately 21 km north of the city Ciamis direction.

Here are some marked stone fruit (Prasasti) which is intended cikap evidence that the existence of the Sunda kingdom made in the government Prabu noetic Wastu Kencana.

One of the stones are marked with "Mahayunan swing Kadatuan" that serve as the motto fighting Ciamis district.

Besides stones inscription there are also other form of heritage:

1. Disolit of stone, the stone that is called the king's inauguration Palangka.

2. Stone hand and foot with a foot fracture garisBatu-cracked, and described the dismantling of (calendar).

3. Three stone menhir:
a. Stone Panyandaan
b. Stone Panyandangan
c. Stone Pamuruyan (tool for mirror)

Seven waterfalls - CibolangObjek tour has 7 (seven) fruit waterfall (Curug) located on a hill at the foot of Mt Sawal. We can enjoy the beauty and keasrian seven waterfalls with the way around the hill, menapaki paths starting from the foot of the hill to the top of the hill and back again.
Located in the Village Sandingtaman District Panjalu, approximately 35 km north of the city Ciamis direction.
To go to this tourism object can use the two-wheeled vehicles and four wheel bike for mountaint or that have a cycling hobby. For you who need a public vehicle, you can ride from the terminal Kawali Panjalu Ciamis department, or directly from Bandung via Panjalu Ciamis department.

Cave Donan is a natural cave with a ± 2.5 hectare area. Have a length of around 500 meters, with a uniqueness that is rarely found in other caves. In it there is a lane / wide space rock that contains similar ancient animals, seats, and the kingdom decorated stalaknit and stalaktit.
Tourism object is located in the Village Tunggilis District Kalipucang along the right path toward Pangandaran province, with the rare ± 72 km from the town of Ciamis

There MustikaObjek this tour is made that there was originally functioned as a container of water in the area of teak forest area ± 3 hectares.

Located in the Village Karangpaningal District Purwaharja, exactly the way the left side of the city Banjar province, approximately 24 km east of the city Ciamis, visitors can conduct activities fishing, boating and water cycling, and camping

Karangnini coast, from the top bukitObjek this tour Emplak located in the Village, District Kalipucang ± 83 km from the town of Ciamis to the South.

Along the road from the gate to the location, you will enjoy the coolness teak forest with natural rhythm

Not only that, in some part of this street akan dihidangkan beach panorama at a distance with latarAkomodasi Beach Karangnini sagara Anakan back.

Truly an unforgettable scene that if you come at the time of fine weather.

Before reaching the beach you will see Pondok Wisata, which is managed by Perhutani Ciamis District. You some type that you can select. With rates / night that you can compete Ninibersantai Coral Beach keluaga together to enjoy a quiet natural atmosphere with stunning panoramic beach.

This unfold on the beach rocks that resembles one of a grandmother (nini in Sundanese), which is awaiting the grandfather, so this place called the Beach Karangnini.

Lembah Pantai Putri have enough beautiful panorama of the hills, decorated with natural caves allows objects in this tour is done sports layang hanging gantole and motocross.

Located in the Village Ciputrapinggan, ± 85 km from the town of Ciamis

Gate door Tourism Object PangandaranObjek excellent tour which is a beach in West Java is located in the Village District Pananjung Speed with distance ± 92 km south of the city Ciamis, have various privileges such as:

* Can see the sun rise and sinking one of the same place

* Sloping beach with crystal clear water and the distance between the ebb tide and relatively long allowing us to swim with White sand

* There is a beach with white sand carpet

* There is a team savior coast tour

* Street environment with asphalt and adequate street lighting

There are gardens to the sea fish and sea life that mesmerize.

the tourists who come in Pangandaran can do a wide range of activities: swimming, boating and swimming, fishing, cycling around with, the sailing, jet skiing, and others.

The traditional event that there is intent here is the Sea, which is a ceremony conducted in Pangandaran fishermen as the embodiment of their sense of gratitude to the kindness of God way melarung offerings to the high seas. This event is usually held on every month Muharram, taking place in the East Coast Speed.

Party intent sea Event international tourism, which is always carried out here is a Researcher in the Festival International
(Pangandaran International Kite Festival) with a variety of supporting activities that we can see each month in June or July.

Facilities available at Pangandaran
1 another corner of the beach and Car park wide
2. Hotel, restaurant, lodging, tourist cottages with fariate rate
3. Postal services, telecommunications and the money changer,
4. Cinema, discotheque
5. Guide and the Tourism Information Center,
6. Earth camp,
7. Bicycle tires and rental pool,
8. Parasailing and jetski.

Nature Pananjung ,natural area is ± 530 hectares, of which the area of tourism, including 37.70 hectares is located in West Java SBKSDA II. Have a variety of flora and fauna such as rare flowers Raflesia Padma, Banteng(bull), and various types of Deer, Kera (monkey).
In addition, there are also natural caves and man-made caves such as Gua Stage, Parat Gua, Gua Sumur Mudal, Lanang Cave, a cave and the water source Japanese Rengganis White Sand Beach and the marine park

Coral Beach TirtaObjek tour is located in the Village District Sukaresik toward Pangandaran Stone sharks turn left.

Objects in this tour than the visitor can enjoy the natural beauty also make a recreational canoe, fishing and camping.

Facilities that are willing to pull the form of food and beverage and tourism cottages.

Pantai Batu Hiu (the shark Stone Beach) located in the Village District Ciliang Parigi, ± 14 km from Pangandaran to the South. Have a panoramic view of nature which is very beautiful. From a small hill top grow by trees Pandan Wong, we see the blue Indian Ocean with the white rolls.

About 200 meters from the beach there is a sidewalk seonggok a coral reef fish like shark, because it is this place called Batu sharks.

Blowing winds accompany the beach when we release a view to the ocean or the paving of the east coast go to Pangandaran.

You can enjoy the natural beach with walking in the hills of shade or sit relaxed with the family.

Although you can not swim because ombaknya big enough, you can still walk on the beach enjoying simbahan foam butih that come with pounding waves Batuhiu.

Do not forget to bring as a souvenir gift for the family at home that you can get in Batuhiu.

Batukaras Objek coast tour this one is a mix between the feel of natural tourism object Pangandaran and Batu shark with a peaceful atmosphere of nature, the sea waves that are friends with a sloping beach make kerasan visitors stay in this area. Located in the Village Batukaras, District Cijulang with the distance of ± 34 km from Pangandaran.

A sloping beach with calm water sea blue you to immediately enjoy the swimming water is fresh.

You can enjoy a quiet atmosphere with the breeze enjoying the meal in the restaurant are available. Views to the offshore end of the horizon to give you quietness and a fun holiday memories.

at Batukaras that can be done in addition to swimming, including: boating on the river, camping and surfing.
If your holiday with the family, the accommodation has been available to you, there is a hut tour with playing arena and house of worship. Pondok tourism is managed directly by Diparda District Ciamis.

Other facilities available include: Hotel, Camping Ground, Kiosk souvenir, rented a surfboard and ban swimming.

* Beach of Keusik Luhur

Beach of Keusik Luhur is between the natural panoramic mountain views with the beach. From a hill we can see the bergeloranya ocean waves with Indonesia menghempas south sea coral, so that the foam-foam blue and white high seas.

Sea waves on the sand to the reef so that the people who pitched it Keusikluhur (keusik = sand, sterling = high).

Tourism object is located in the Village District Kertamukti with distance Cimerak ± 45 km from Pangandaran to the south

* Cukang Taneuh (Green Canyon)

Cukang Taneuh (Green Canyon) Green Canyon real name is Cukang Taneuh, located in the Village Kertayasa District Cijulang, ± 31 km from Pangandaran.

This tourism object is a river Cijulang that penetrate caves stalaktif with the glamor and stalaknit and diapit by two hills with rocks and trees rimbunnya natural attraction that presents the unique and challenging.

At the mouth of the cave there is a waterfall Palatar objects in the atmosphere so this tour is so cool. Activities that can be made of them rock climbing (rock climbing), swimming, canoe while fishing.

To reach the location of this tourist boat that can use widely available in Central Ciseureuh, paste both the boat and paddle boats.

This tourism object near the object degan tour Batukaras and Flying Field Nusawiru.

Citumang is located in the Village District Bojong Parigi, ± 13 km east Pangandaran, the area is in teak forests owned Perum Perhutani.

This tourism object has a unique, where the river water Citumang very clear cut in coral caves so that visitors can swim in the waterfalls, the forest in which there are many caves.

KarapyakObjek wista Beach is located in the Village Bagolo District Kalipucang, ± 87 km south of the city Ciamis.
The situation is still virgin nature allows us to relax while doing recreational activities such as fishing, camping and enjoying the beauty of nature while hunting fish and small marine snail.

Palatar Agung beach with panoramic views of the village is located on the beach before Bagolo with Karapyak ± 85 km distance from the town of Ciamis.

To reach this location can go by road from the village or the fery Emplak of Art Malingklak or Santolo.

Tourism object in the background this Nusakambangan Island, visitors can conduct activities such as fishing, camping, yacht and see the traditional fishing activities with a variety of activities.

Majingklak is located in the estuary area of River Citanduy in Nusakambangan, Pamotan precisely in the Village District Kalipucang ± 79 km from the town of Ciamis.

This place is Art fery ship or yacht to the port of Cilacap and is expected to be a means for supporting development in the area of South Ciamis.

There are some activities that can be done include:

Madasari Beach offers panoramic views of nature of a specific beach where Madasari with small islands coalesce with the green datadan Masawah, decorated by the rocks along a sloping beach.

Located in the Village Masawah District Cimerak ± 131 km from the town of Ciamis to the south. Can be reached with the various types of vehicles.

Airport Nusawiru is shorten the distance to objects in the tour, especially Ciamis Regency South, the Flying Field was built in the Village Nusawiru Kondangjajar Sub Cijulang.

Airfield this function in addition to tourism sector will also have more value for the development of development in various sectors such as fisheries, agriculture, transportation and sports activities kedirgantaraan.
Run away along with the 1400 x 30 meters, the airport is suitable didarati by similar aircraft CN-235.

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